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“Books don’t become a success without passionate supporters who know how to spread the word; books don’t separate themselves from the crowd unless there’s someone there to lift them up and champion them. Ben Bruton is that champion, that supporter, that voice who, with creativity and unflagging energy, can raise a book’s profile to the next level.”­­­­­­

—Joe Hill, New York Times bestselling author of Heart-Shaped Box, Horns, N0S4A2, and The Fireman


“Ben Bruton combines a savvy insider’s understanding of the publishing business with humor, enthusiasm and a killer instinct of how best to promote a book.  As a debut novelist, I had no idea what to expect from a publicist. Ben walked me through the process with patience and good humor, offering sage advice at every turn.  He represented my work with passion and integrity and achieved more than I ever thought possible for The House Girl. The fact that he is incredibly good at his job while also being incredibly kind and fun to work with is like icing on an already delicious cake. Thank you Ben!”

—Tara Conklin, New York Times bestselling debut author of
The House Girl

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“I was fortunate to have Ben Bruton overseeing the publicity of my last three novels at HarperCollins. From the moment I delivered my manuscript to the final days of promotion (and beyond, too) Ben remained a ceaselessly enthusiastic, supportive and imaginative publicist. Working with Ben, I always felt I had a colleague and team-mate who cared about my work as much as I did. He was always available to talk, to consider new ways to bring my books to readers, and to follow up. It can be a lonely and frustrating time for a writer, when the long-anticipated publication day finally arrives. I always knew, with Ben, that I had the most loyal advocate working at my side.”

—Joyce Maynard, New York Times bestselling author of Labor Day,
The Good Daughters
and After Her


“I was incredibly fortunate to have
Ben Bruton as my publicist for The Lace Reader. His expertise and the relationships he’s built over the years assured the kind
of coverage that does not often happen
for a first time author—interviews and placements that made my book a New York Times and international best seller.
Ben is both accessible and easy to work with; he stays involved in every step of the process. Add to that his great sense of humor, a bonus I didn’t expect but
really appreciated.”

—Brunonia Barry, 
New York Times bestselling debut author of The Lace Reader


“Ben Bruton is a consummate professional - every discussion, agreement, arrangement, execution is completed with courteous efficiency and panache.”

—Gregory Maguire, New York Times bestselling author of Wicked
Son of A Witch
A Lion Among Men, and Out of Oz


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“I loved working with Ben Bruton.
Beyond his professionalism, which is impeccable, and precedes you in setting the stage for interviews and events, he always has your back. Through numerous book tours, there was never a mistake in logistics or preparation. If some unanticipated problem did arise along the road, Ben was on it and had it handled before I had to confront it. I can't recommend him highly enough.”

—Christopher Moore, 
New York Times bestselling author
of A Dirty JobFoolSacre Bleu
The Serpent of Venice


“Ben Bruton ran a campaign that put my novel REAMDE onto the bestseller list, and he did it with good humor and aplomb that made it seem effortless—though I'm sure it wasn't! I recommend him wholeheartedly.”

—Neal Stephenson, New York Times bestselling author of CryptonomiconAnathemREAMDE, and Seveneves


“I’ve known Ben Bruton for a lot of years as he was my publicist for ten books. Ben, the consummate gentleman, has a wealth of experience, contacts, and ideas in every area of publishing. Recommend him? ABSOLUTELY! Any author would be very lucky to have Ben on their team.”

—Dorothea Benton Frank, 
New York Times bestselling author
of Sullivans IslandPlantationLowcountry SummerFolly Beach, and The Last Original Wife